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About Me

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James Shingles | Breckenridge Local | Real Estate Broker

Making Your Vision a Reality

I moved to Breckenridge from the UK in my mid twenties and took a leap of faith based on the wonderful community vibe and mountain town ambiance that 20+ years later I value more than ever. 

With a willing spirit and the determination to succeed, this mountain town will open it's arms to you and make you feel welcome. It was this positive outlook and partnership that afforded me the opportunity to succeed and it is my wish that the cycle of moving to Breckenridge, establishing yourself and then paying back is maintained.

Success in Breckenridge is founded on a willing and flexible mentality. Whilst always maintaining a property focus my Breckenridge career has included operating a tour operator business, property management company, building spec homes and joining one of the most successful real estate brokerages in town. 

I look forward to chatting with you about your move to Breckenridge and how relocating to this mountain town will change your life. 

Stay Well,


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