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Your Path to Breckenridge

Planning Your Move

Moving home is not an easy task or a decision is that is made lightly. It can take years of planning or sometimes is a snap decision that is born out of many years of thought and consideration. Either way it is always useful to have someone locally based to help you navigate the process. When thinking about moving to Breckenridge, it is important not only to consider the nuts and bolts of housing, schooling, available services etc, but also some of the harder to quantify elements such as how to integrate into the community, what is the heart of the town and how will it differ from my current home town. 

Real Estate Guidance

I have been involved in some form of the property market since I moved to Breckenridge. Whether it be a tour operator bringing guests to ski chalets from Europe when I first moved here, to property management, custom home building and now as a real estate broker, my skills have always been focused on providing wonderful service and being the source of solid and time proven information.

Finding The Right Balance

Living in Breckenridge certainly offers its fair share of fun distractions and these should be embraced by all who come to town. Whether you are mad about skiing, biking, hiking, golf, snowboarding, the list goes on..... you will need to make sure you are comfortable with the tug of war that comes from living in a playground community. Someone will always be out having a good time! And maybe this will be the day you have to work from home all day....

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